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Olhar o futuro

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Laptops in Portugal

Today, for a conference in Portugal, I had the pleasure of visiting Guimarãesshort article here). Students between the ages of 6-11 will receive an inexpensive laptop in order to boost literacy with technology. (awarded the distinction of European Capital of Culture in 2012). During the tour, my companion/guide stated that Portugal has a new initiative with computers in schools (A concern - mentioned by my colleague and not addressed in the article - is how educators are being prepared for this policy. Negroponte has apparently stated that with his One Laptop Per Child initiative, their focus is on letting the students train the teachers. An interesting approach. But one that assumes educators are willing to be taught by learners. We can spend all we want on technology, but until we make systemic and structural changes to education, we will continue to bump up against artificial barriers due to ineffective implementations. Then, when projects don't deliver intended results, academics will write large books decrying the failure of technology. It's a strategy issue, not a technology issue.

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